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Image by Eleonora Patricola
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The three-quarter scale Wall replica is 375 feet in length and stands 7.5 feet high at its tallest point. With the replica at this size, visitors are able to experience The Wall rising above them as they walk towards the apex, a key feature of the design of The Wall in D.C. Like the original Memorial, The Wall That Heals is erected in a chevron-shape and visitors are able to do name rubbings of individual service member’s names on The Wall. The names are listed in order of date of casualty and alphabetically on each day. Beginning at the center/apex, the names start on the East Wall (right-hand side) working their way out to the end of that wing, picking up again at the far end of the West Wall (left-hand side) and working their way back in to the center/apex. The first and last casualties are side by side at the apex of the Memorial. The replica is constructed of Avonite, a synthetic granite, and its 144 individual panels are supported by an aluminum frame. Modern LED lighting from the top of The Wall provides readability of The Wall at night. ​ The Wall That Heals is generously sponsored by USAA. Through a partnership with the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), the trucking industry, and Blue Beacon, the exhibit is able to travel across the country. Hosts in each community provide for the location, volunteers, and preparations necessary to replicate the experience a visitor would have at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. ​ Since its debut in 1996, the exhibit has been on display in more than 700 U.S. communities in addition to an April 1999 tour of the Four Provinces of Ireland and a visit to Canada in 2005. The Wall That Heals is a program of VVMF, the nonprofit organization that built the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. in 1982. The Wall That Heals is the only traveling exhibit affiliated with The Wall in Washington, D.C. and includes the largest Wall replica that travels the country. Two VVMF staff members lead volunteers on site, educate visitors and students, and ensure the reflective atmosphere of The Wall. More information can be found at:

Image by Benjamin R.


Major Contributors

We’re proud to present our generous sponsors who provide the support we need to bring this to Maui. Learn more below, and we encourage you to reach out if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor.

County of Maui brings Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Maui 2024

County of Maui

This sponsor has been a foundation of support in helping us organize the logistics and find the right people to bring this event to Maui.

Maui County Veterans Council brings Vietnam Veterans Memorial to Maui 2024

Maui County Veterans Council

This council supports our veterans on a daily basis and has been key in promoting our local veterans and bringing this event to Maui.  We’re thankful for all they have done to get us where we are today.

AARP Hawaii red logo medium_edited.jpg

AARP Hawai'i

Event Sponsor

Vent Con Logo.png

Ventura Construction Corporation

Event Sponsor

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